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OPW Internship Wrap-Up

My OPW internship with Fedora has ended, and I am feeling a little bittersweet about it. I enjoyed working for Fedora and it was a great learning experience, but now I have more time for school and other fun things. This blog post is a final wrap-up of the work I did for the past … Continue reading

OPW Internship Update 2

The past few weeks the workload has been a little bit lighter, but I’ve still been keeping busy. Mairin and I have worked on a few more usability bugs for Anaconda and I’ve made more mockups. One of the bugs we worked on was regarding the custom partitioning ui not displaying the size or space … Continue reading

OPW Internship Update

I am about halfway through my internship now and it’s been going very well. I love all of the work I’ve been doing and it’s definitely keeping me busy. I’ve been motivated and enjoying the work Mairin has been wanting me to do, and I finished the entire usability test plan for Anaconda much earlier … Continue reading

Fedora 18 – Anaconda Usability Testing

Since the beginning of January, Mairin Duffy and I have been working on a usability test plan to test the installer program for Fedora, Anaconda. The usability testing will be taking place at DevConf in the Czech Republic in February. I have finished the test plan and this blog post is about the process of … Continue reading

OPW Internship (3rd week)

I am in my third week of my internship with Fedora, and I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of things. Coming into the internship, I was completely new to the Fedora and FOSS community so I’ve been learning a lot the past few weeks! So far I am enjoying it and am excited … Continue reading