OPW Internship Update 2

The past few weeks the workload has been a little bit lighter, but I’ve still been keeping busy. Mairin and I have worked on a few more usability bugs for Anaconda and I’ve made more mockups. One of the bugs we worked on was regarding the custom partitioning ui not displaying the size or space available inside of the containers the user can choose from. At first we had 2 ideas for this screen which I created mockups for:

1) add the free disk space left in the ‘containers’ drop down, next to each container’s name


2) if GTK will let us, make a little graph to show how much space is left in the containers in the drop down


After sending these to Mairin to review, she brought up the problem for both of these mockups is that there is no longer a label identifying whether the given container is a Volume Group or Thin Pool. Also, for the second (graph) version would probably be difficult for users with colorblindness to see the green and red, and the labels within the graphs (’25 GB’ and ’10 GB’) would not fit if the space available was ‘500 GB’ for example. I addressed her concerns and came up with this new version:


This version is much cleaner and displays the information the user will need in an easy way. The type of container is now identified, along with their name and the amount of space available.


Aside from working on these mockups, the Anaconda usability tests took place a few weeks ago at DevConf. The records and documentation are still in the process of being translated from Czech into English, and I’m anxious to see how the users did! I heard that overall the tests went well and only 1 out of 8 of the users was unable to complete the given task. The questionnaires that I’ve read through also have some valuable feedback we can discuss and take into account when looking at more Anaconda usability bugs.

Last week Mairin and dlehmen also worked on a redesign of the Anaconda RAID UI with the help of Doug Ledford. This is the screen I created mockups for a few weeks ago, shown in my previous blog post. I really like the redesign and it’s definitely an improvement of the screen before. The only thing I would say about it is that there is a lot of text which may be overwhelming for the user and instead there could be some help buttons or links.

That’s pretty much it for now for the update of my internship work! Tomorrow night I’ll be going to an OPW intern meetup in the Bay Area, since some of us are from the Bay Area and some will be flying in from abroad for Pycon, and I’m very excited to meet some fellow interns! 🙂




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