OPW Internship Update

I am about halfway through my internship now and it’s been going very well. I love all of the work I’ve been doing and it’s definitely keeping me busy. I’ve been motivated and enjoying the work Mairin has been wanting me to do, and I finished the entire usability test plan for Anaconda much earlier than she had anticipated! The usability tests of Anaconda will be taking place this coming weekend, February 23rd and 24th, in Brno at DevConf.cz. I am very excited to hear back how the tests go and the user feedback. Filip Kosik sent out the pre-test survey to select users meeting our specific user profiles, and they were selected last week. Everything is coming together and a few technical details are being sorted out this week.

Since I finished the test plan before Mairin had anticipated, I have been helping her with a few other UI-related things for Fedora. We’ve gone through several usability bugs that have been submitted and have discussed them with some Anaconda developers over IRC. In the past 3 weeks we’ve gone through most (if not all) of them. It has been a little bit difficult for me to keep up because most of the bugs are on the more technically-advanced screens, which I do not have any experience with (like RAID and custom partitioning). Despite my unfamiliarity, I have been able to follow and understand these concepts more and have made a few mockups of screens for potential changes. Here is a mockup I did for the RAID option that we have discussed:

RAID-doom-4 RAID-doom-5

We are also in the process of making changes to the custom partitioning screen to make it more understandable for the user so it is less ‘scary’ to exit the screen, and they understand their changes won’t be committed until they begin the installation. Mairin and I will be running a little test for this screen this week, and I will write a blog post about what we did and our results.

I’m also excited to say that I have an opportunity to work a little bit on LibreOffice. One of the lead developers of LibreOffice has reached out to Mairin, asking her to do UI reviews on a number of LibreOffice dialogs and review how well they comply with the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines (HIG). I will be helping Mairin review the dialogs. I have gone through the HIG a little bit, and I do not have any experience with any UI reviews so this should be interesting and it’ll be cool to start something new!



4 thoughts on “OPW Internship Update

  1. Having never used RAID, I’m not capable of commenting on your mockups for it.

    However, there is one thing which has been bothering me with the new Anaconda: why use upper-case so much? It feels like the UI is yelling at me. :-/

  2. Bochecha, the only areas of the Anaconda UI that have caps are the titles at the top of the screen. Stephanie is working with the source mockup files – we have probably over 100 screens at this point and it’s prohibitively insane to go through all of the mockups to fix the button caps. That being said, in the code when these are implemented, the buttons will have camel case. That being said, the mockups here only use caps in three places – left top header, right top header, bottom right button. Not really such a big deal.

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