Getting Started

Where do I begin?!? Getting completely set-up and integrated into the Fedora community has been more complicated than I had anticipated. Creating my blog and Fedora Account were easy, but using the Fedora system has been a little difficult for me. There is a lot for me to get used to because I have never worked on Linux before, and I have no experience with creating SSH keys or anything like that. So far it’s been a little bit of a challenge, but I am definitely learning a lot along the way which I’m happy about!

I started working a little bit early because I had some free time during the holidays to get started. Other than figuring out and finishing a lot of the initial set-up stuff, I began to create a pre-test questionnaire to give to the Anaconda test participants. With recommendations from Mairin, I have come up with questions to ask the users about their previous experience with other installers and their technical background. It is very important for us to have a good idea of their technical background because, based on their experience, we will be able to select the correct testers in order to get the results we need.

Aside from working on the pre-test questions, I began to go through the Fedora 18 Install Guide and categorize the different types of setups users will need to go through when installing Fedora. These categories (so far) are: Localization, Software Selection, and Storage.

That’s pretty much what I’m working on right now! As a college student on winter break, it’s been a little hard to focus on working and have the discipline to schedule when I work on my own time but I’m getting through it! I think I like it a little more than going to class everyday! 😉


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